Terms & Conditions


We grant you the right to use our services. This means right to access, download and use online or offline the services we offer through this website in accordance to our service agreement.

Manner of Use

Although we grant you freedom to access and use our service, under no condition are you allowed to:

  • Tamper, disable, and attempt to bypass any used mechanism or service terms that limit your use of our service in our defined terms.
  • Make use of our service or information for any unlawful purposes or way that would defy our terms and conditions.
  • Resell, lease, sublicense, license, or transfer our services or information to any third parties without our permission or knowledge.
  • Use our service or website information in any way that could overburden, disable, damage, or impair our service, website, or that of other networks connected to us.


You agree that you give us full consent to update and change our service, service features, and website from time to time without giving prior notice to our visitors or to anyone that may be using our website and services.

This update may include but is not limited to changing service features, updating website information, changing links, and updating our service terms and conditions.

Security and Customer Data

Under no circumstances are we liable for loss, damage, or deterioration of our users’ information, security, or properties.

You agree that any unwarranted results from using or accessing our products, services, and website are not our responsibility.

Termination and Suspension

We can terminate or change this agreement or service at any time without prior notice. We also reserve the rights to regulate the services, and allow or prohibit any individual or company from using our services or accessing our website.

By accessing, downloading, or using our services, products, and website, you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and also give us your full consent that we may change these terms and conditions as we see fit without prior notice.

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